Tackle Clothing

Shamus provides all your fly fishing tackle (#6/7/8 rods, reels, lines, local trout flies), hats and raincoats and some outer clothes (size permitting). If bringing your own tackle Shamus recommends:

Bring All Seasons

  • Dull/natural coloured warm clothes and hats (light colours scare fish)
  • Waterproof dry bag for cameras and medication
  • Amber lens polaroids (for spotting fish)
  • Quality dull coloured rain jackets
  • 30+ sunscreen and insect repellent (non-scented and non DEET)

High Summer Clothes (December through March) (12-30 °c)(for sunny days, long hot walks with river crossings and wading)

  • Nylon shorts, polyprop long-johns, thick wool socks and sneakers/hiking boots
  • Polyprop top, long sleeve shirt, fleece/jumper and a wide-brim sun hat

Summer Tackle
New Zealand Backcountry Rivers and Wilderness Streams:

  • 9 foot rod with a WF 7 (olive) floating line
  • Disc drag reels (big trout)
  • Fluorocarbon tapered leaders and tippets (6-10 lbs)
  • Waterproof fly boxes
  • 5 weight rods are too light for big winds/flies/trout
  • Light coloured lines and shiny rods/reels scare fish

Lake Taupo and Tongariro River:

  • 9′ rod with 8/9 floating line, or an intermediate line, or a #9 Hi-Speed Hi-D shooting head.

Autumn – Winter Spring Clothes (April through November) (0-15 °c)

  • Layering warm clothes is essential for winter comfort
  • Polypropylene underwear (top and bottom), thick wool socks, long sleeve shirt, fleece/jumper,a quality rain jacket and a warm hat.
  • Chest 5mm neoprene waders (hire locally)

Autumn – Winter Fishing Tackle
Tongariro River, Lake Taupo and Lake Taupo Streams:

  • bring a 9 foot (8 weight) rod
  • WF 8/9 white/olive floating line for nymphing
  • Teeny T300 sink tip line for streamers
  • Lakes use a WF 8/9 floating or intermediate line or #9 Hi-Speed, Hi-D shooting head
  • Double-handed rods are unsuitable
  • Reels need disc drags (big fish)