Fly Fishing Tuition and Guiding: Notes
Tongariro River fishing guide Shamus Petrie ‘guides at your elbow’ – coaching you through each cast to achieve the perfect ‘drift’. (He does not use the Traditional Gillie guiding style where clients fish and the Guide just looks on).

Basic Tuition – No Experience Needed
Having a keen sense of humour and lots of patience helps Shamus teach anyone to fly fish. First-timer tuition includes:

  • Tackle and fly selection
  • Knot tying
  • Fly casting
  • ‘Reading’ water to find fish
  • Fishing with dry flies, nymphs and streamers
  • Landing (and releasing) trout
  • Safe wading and river crossing


Advanced Fly Fishing Tuition
Experienced anglers always benefit from guided fishing. Save time, money and catch trout when Shamus teaches you these New Zealand fly fishing strategies:
Taupo Tongariro Fishing Strategies

  • ‘Tongariro Drift’ nymphing
  • ‘Steelhead Swing’ streamer fishing
  • Tongariro roll cast
  • ‘Bite Time’ theory
  • Landing (and releasing) trophy trout
    South Island Fishing Strategies
  • Stalking and spotting trout
  • Sight fishing with dry fly or nymph

Lake Taupo Fly Fishing Tuition

  • Double Haul casting
  • Smelting
  • Heave & Leave
  • Glo-bugging
  • Lake nymphing
  • Night and Dawn fishing