Winter Fly Fishing

(May to September)
Each winter thousands of trout migrate from Lake Taupo to their spawning rivers. And, every winter, anglers from all over the world travel to New Zealand to catch these magnificent wild trout. Whether learning fly fishing, battling leaping rainbows or hook-jawed browns, wading icy currents, bird watching, or just enjoying stunning volcanic and rainforest scenery – you will never forget your winter fishing adventure.


Winter Fishing – Notes:

  • Bring lots of enthusiasm and warm clothes
  • Taking fish for the table is OK in the Lake Taupo fishery (restaurants cook your trout)



Winter Fly fishing Adventures – Sample

Tongariro River
The Tongariro River is steeped in tradition. Shamus guides you in the most famous trout pools in the world including ‘The Major Jones,’ ‘The Admirals,’ ‘The Judges,’ and ‘The Duchess’ pools.

Tongariro trout are famous for their size and fighting ability. Catching these wild trout in this large, ice-clear river provides lifetime memories.


Small Local Streams
Spawning rainbow trout also run small streams and these fish well after floods.




Lake Taupo River Mouth Fishing
Thousands of silver-sided rainbow trout congregate at stream mouths before entering the spawning rivers. Day or night fly fishing is a relaxing way to catch these tackle busters.




Alpine Lake
Unparalleled fly fishing for trophy trout. In autumn large rainbow trout and brown trout migrate from this special lake to their spawning stream. The weather is bleak, the scenery stunning, and lucky anglers can be rewarded with enormous trout. This is trophy trout fishing and requires lots of patience. Shoreline wading with medium casts.